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Pre-wedding Picnic & Capital Portraits with Niki & Chivas

What a stunningly beautiful day! I recently had the pleasure of capturing some family portraits for my sweet friend, Niki and Chivas, before their Wisconsin wedding reception.


They married this summer, near their home in Indiana. But, because they have family both there and here, they celebrated with love and family in both places! A very important person in this reception, was Niki’s 92 year-old grandmother. It was very hot in the afternoon, and she was so kind to come out to the park for family portraits.


These special pearls were hers. As they talked and held them together, she gifted them to her granddaughter.


After a few posed family photos, we went closer to the water and served up some mimosas on quilts hand-sewn by Niki’s grandmothers. Aunts, uncles and friends joined in the celebration in the shade by the water as we watched the boats and swimmers in Lake Mendota. Including a particularly intrepid couple on an inflatable camel.


I met up with Niki and Chev later in the evening, once their dinner reception was well underway for a few bride and groom portraits in front of the capital building.



While we planned for sunset, the wind whipped up and dark storm clouds created some beautifully dramatic skies.


The wind lifted Niki’s dress and hair as they danced and the clouds really were gorgeous. I love couple portraits. These two were just so in love with this moment and each other, I just adore the sweetness and authenticity of those moments.


We beat the rain by about five minutes! Everyone stayed dry! And Niki and Chivas got to settle in and enjoy their dinner and their party.


Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with me!


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