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Antigua with The Littles

My photography page has been a bit quiet this month as my family and I have been traveling. I have always loved travel. Long before kiddos, my partner and I travelled together. Our honeymoon involved quite a bit of couch surfing and sleeping on the floor of a cave with some other (very awesome!) travelers. This winter, we took our kids to Guatemala. We traveled from the colonial city of Antigua to the idyllic lake towns of Lago de Atitlan, to the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal.

Antigua was stunning. The architecture was beautiful. The narrow, tree-lined, cobblestone streets were full of colorful buildings with tile roofs and wrought iron details. You can see the volcano in the distance.

Our first morning, we climbed Cerro de la Cruz to see the gorgeous view of the city and volcano. The paths were easy for the kids to climb and well-kept. On Sunday, there were tons of people out walking their dogs and spending the day out with their kids.

While there were so many churches and architectural things to see in the city, we took it easy. The kids were tired from the flight and appreciated the slower pace. We wandered over to the famous Santa Catalina arch and stumbled across a Sunday handcraft market and magic show happening in the center of the street. The street was closed to car traffic for the afternoon and everyone was out in their Sunday best. They loved the magician/mime who put on a show geared for kids. He made balloon animals to dance music and balanced a crystal ball on this arm. The children were enthralled.

We visited the ChocoMuseo, which is a fantastic thing to do for kids in the city. They had a great examples of how chocolate is made and we all enjoyed some delicious chocolate treats. Guatemala is the heart of the origin of chocolate, so it was fun for the children to learn about how it’s made, plus it was delicious!

As a vegetarian, Antigua had tons of delicious veggie food options! Samsara and Rainbow Cafe were incredible. We had some amazing black bean tofu tacos that I wish I could recreate. M discovered he adores fried sweet plantains. Luckily, L loves black beans, and they were served with breakfast, lunch and dinner, so between the granola bars and that, she was pretty happy.

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