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UW Headshots on the Windy Terrace

This summer, I had the pleasure of taking headshots with the lovely staff at the UW Financial Aid Department. Grown-up photos are always a fun shift, because I definitely don’t have to make the silliest faces or play hide and seek but I still get to be ridiculous and have fun with some great people.

Many of the jokes I used the rest of the summer with my families and kids, came from the staff at the financial aid department. Whoever told me the one about a giraffe in a refrigerator? You really helped me rock it with the 5 and under crowd. I’m not the best at telling jokes, but these folks are always wonderful! What I love about asking a grown-up to tell a joke, is at the mere mention of the word, most people crack up and start to relax into themselves a bit more. It’s always just amazes me how genuine a smile gets and how the conversation flows a bit more.

We met down at the memorial terrace on a gorgeous, overcast day for our first session. The wind was a bit strong, but the clouds were perfect! We were able to take some great shots using the lake as a backdrop.

Day two provided a bright, sunny, equally as windy and gorgeous day. We found a beautiful, second floor spot using the stone of the memorial terrace as our background.

What I love, love, love about taking headshots for the UW financial aid staff, is that everyone is incredibly nice! Not to mention, the entire staff looked amazing, so they made my job really easy. It’s always a treat to spend time with you all!

Did I mention it was really windy?

And the last headshot was this one, on the iconic giant terrace chair! We had to wait our turn on the busy terrace and Karla had to hold the reflector against the wind to block the sunlight, but we got it! (Thanks Karla for being so awesome!)

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