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Springtime Extended Family Photos

Generational photos are such a window into families, especially families you’ve grown to know and love well. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the Rama family, first through our children’s friendship at Woodland Montessori school, and now through our own friendship. I’ve had the absolute honor of photographing Kira’s business, their family as Z has grown, when they were expecting, and when Milo was a newborn. Kira and her husband, Arjune are good friends of ours, and our kids are good friends, which makes kid playdates grown-up playdates (bonus!).


So, when Kira texted me to ask if I’d take photos of Arjune’s extended family when they were in town, I jumped at the chance! It was such a treat to meet Arjune’s parents, aunt and brother when they were in town for a visit this weekend.

What a gorgeous weekend to visit Madison from Michigan! Arjune and Kira are two of the kindest people I know and I can see where Arjune gets it from, his family was so sweet.

His parents, Dr. Rama and Suchi, are so delightfully kind and warm, as were his aunt Malini and brother Sanjay. It was just a little chilly, so we did our photos inside Kira and Arjune’s beautifully lit sunroom. Baby Milo of course stayed awake through all of brunch before the photoshoot and fell asleep just in time for photos as Dr. Rama gently swayed cheek to cheek with him.

He was so deeply asleep we were able to pass him to Aunt, Uncle, back to Suchi and Dr. Rama, and to Mama and Dada and he barely opened his eyes. It was really quite funny. Zadie was the star of the show and patiently cuddled with everyone for photos. She was super excited about her promised donut toward the end!


Once baby Milo woke up, we were able to get some very sweet, lifestyle photos of Kira, Arjune and his brother Sanjay building with blocks with the children on the living room floor as the sunlight poured in around them. As well as a few photos with Milo’s eyes open. And then he decided he was done with clothes, and shoes. And once he was naked, we grabbed a few more of him chewing on his toes and just doing adorable baby things.

I just adore this sweet window into the doting grandparent time that kids get. I know my own littles cherish their time with their grandparents, so it’s such an honor to be invited in to witness a tiny slice of your weekend. Thank you for letting me capture such a tiny slice of time for your sweet family!

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