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Ashley & Allison Summer Session – Madison WI Family Photographer

With all of this late spring snow and cold hanging around, it’s nice to think about summer. This is another one of my summer favorites! These mamas came with literally a trunk full of goodness. Fun stuff for their littles, outfits, snacks, and their sweet dog. I love when I’m at a session and even though I’ve just met a family, they feel like old friends who I want to just spend hours with.
Their littles were beyond adorable. Dempsey ran around in just a wool diaper cover for a bit, with her gorgeous blue eyes, which just got me. I mean, those cheeks on that girl could not have been cuter. And Elliot showed off her fairy wings, flower crown, and incredibly fast running skills, because how else do you show how those wings fly? I seriously could have just kept going with these cuties. I love when I get home and the hardest thing is choosing photos.
We even got stunning nursing photos! Because what else do you do when little needs a nursing break? Get great nursing photos, of course.
Ashley brought a chair from when she was a child and her sibling shirt for Elliot to wear. At the very end of the shoot, we got them to snuggle on it for some adorable sibling cuteness. Before everyone went off for dinner and ice cream.
Sometimes when I have sessions like these, I find myself coming back to them again and again when I need to pick a favorite photo, because these photos just make me smile!

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