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Welcome Baby Nola!


Oh, sweet baby! Welcome to the spinning world! Newborn sessions are just a delight, especially with babies, toddlers and families as lovely as this. Little Nola was only 7 days old at our session and slept like a dream. She stopped for nursing and fell right back to sleep each time. What an absolutely perfect little one!


Beckett is the most amazing big brother. He’s so gentle, patient and kind to his new little sister. I remember when Amanda and Nick welcomed B into the world, it’s so incredible to see him become a big kid!


These four people are some of my favorite humans. Amanda was my daughter’s beloved teacher last year.


For one of our final photos, we got ready to take a beautiful picture of Nola in Nick’s hands. It always amazes me how tiny newborns are when they are first-born and how quickly they grow. Showing how tiny they are compared to a grown-ups hands is one of my favorites.

Oh, congratulations you guys! I’m so happy for you four!


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