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Arboretum Maternity Photos with Aliza, Joel & Ray


This sweet baby will be here so soon! And Ray is going to be such an incredible big brother. I had the pleasure of meeting fellow photographer, Aliza, and her adorable family, Joel and Ray in the arboretum just before the magnolia blossoms finished for the season.


I love maternity sessions so much, especially with older siblings. It’s such a unique and short time to connect with this little person who is soon to be a new big sibling. We blew bubbles and watched Ray run and twirl among the trees. He found magnolia blossoms on the ground and was fascinated by how the petals curled. And he played with a few little wooden cars.


We asked him to snuggle in close to Mama and Papa and he did such a beautiful job. It was late and post dinner and he just did an amazing job!



After we got tons of pictures with Ray, we managed to sneak a few pictures of just Aliza and Joel in there, too.


I’m so excited for you guys! I can’t wait to meet your new addition!

  1. Helen key says:

    These will be such a wonderful record for sweet Ray

  2. Grandma helen says:

    Lovely photos of such a Beautiful family. And , These photos will be such a lovely record for sweet Ray, as he grows into becoming a wonderful big brother

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