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Dreamy Summertime Sunset with Colleen & Jesse

I love summer. I love late summer nights, crickets, stars, and the seemingly endless array of fun things to do with your kiddos in the Madison summertime. When I met up with Colleen and Jesse and their adorable little ones at the park after dinner on a stunningly beautiful night, we had so much fun! First of all, their little ones are just at that adorable age of constant movement and cuteness and burgeoning language. Not to mention, they are just the loveliest humans.


The twins were fascinated by the abundant birds in the park and Ada was super exited to run and stretch and play. So we did just that. We played. We chased bubbles, looked for birds. Colleen lifted James and Ray on her feet in an airplane. Jesse spun them.


I have these little hand kites from Lovely Little Owl Toys that Ada had so much fun running with. It was breezy enough that it caught the air and twirled with her.


Colleen played peek-a-boo behind me and I think Jesse tickled them a little to get the boys to giggle.


The sun was just pouring through the trees in the most beautiful way and the kids were so, so happy. It felt like peeking in on family playtime.


I just adore this mama and daughter moment. Ada in her beautiful flower crown from Naly’s Floral Shop, snuggling with her mama. When I asked them to tell each other silly things, they went straight for the potty jokes, which for the 5-7 age group is so perfect.


This mama so wanted a walking picture of her sweet family. She asked them to come on over (chasing ducklings) and all three kiddos just were so awesome. Even two two year olds. To get a photo that a parent has dreamed of having is so rewarding! And the way Jesse is looking at her just melts me.


Finally, we headed down to the beach, where Jesse played the guitalele and we tried to wrangle the littles to the blanket. They were so excited about the water and the ducks, that Jesse just played gorgeous music and the kids played around them, it was magical.


We even managed to sneak in a few couples shots at the very, very end. Aren’t these two stunning? Sometimes, it’s nights like these, where the light stays perfect, the wind keeps the bugs away, the kids munch on graham crackers and look for ducks and mom and dad get to sneak a little two second moment that just shows all the amazingness of parenthood within all the wildness of the every day.


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