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Sunset Hiking with Cathy & Dan


These kiddos were just amazing! This was one of those gorgeous early summer evenings, and it was so, so windy. Being Wisconsin, it started to get a bit chilly fast, despite the June date. The kids stayed up past their regular bedtime to play in the sunset and clouds. They ran with kites, played in bubbles, snuggled on the blanket with their parents, hiked to new spots to get out of the wind and we even saw a deer!


We started up by the pretty stone wall and just ran with little kites in the wind. These boys have the best giggles! And they were just the absolute sweetest with each other!


After a little while, we hiked down into the park to find a little spot, nestled in some trees to escape the wind. Dan blew bubbles and everyone chased them. I love how bubbles bring out silliness in even the biggest kid. The wind took the bubbles in every direction and the unpredictability made it even more exciting!


Both littles snuggled in close with their parents and each other and were so eager to watch for the wildlife in the park. This park, in the middle of the city, can feel like such a wild place.




Finally, we made the hike back up to the stone wall where Cathy, Dan and the boys snuggled in for a few more family photos. Dan played a song the boys have heard for most of their lives at bedtime. The way their faces lit up and they suddenly started singing felt like such magic!


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