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Sunset Maternity Photos with Wali & Tamara

What a stunningly perfect summer evening! All week, including the day of our session, it threatened stormy weather and rain. The evening of our photos turned out perfectly windy to keep the summer bugs away, warm, with a gorgeous sunset to top it off. This session was such a sweet gift from Wali’s sister, as a celebration of this new baby.


We met in Tenney Park, which Wali has warm memories of. From family trips to the beach to his own childhood family photos here. So this park holds such special meaning as Wali and Tamara are growing their own sweet family of three! We started our evening on the metal bridge in the middle of some gorgeous wildflowers and lily pads. Tamara looked stunning! Her cute bump was just perfect. And we were able to use a little felt board to announce baby’s due date.


The park was in full glory while we were there between the lily pads, flowers and perfect sunset over the beach.


We were lucky enough to catch some of that perfect, golden sunlight in front of the summer wildflowers. We had to pause for the little ones zooming by on the bike path through the park (I love summer), I just adore these sweet moments.


There’s just something so unbelievably exciting about being on the cusp of parenthood and all of the joys and expectation that brings. The anticipation of meeting and seeing your tiny little person, of holding them for the very first time.

We ended our session with some sunset pictures on the beach and in the water. These were just so stunning! The light faded fast but was just perfection for the tiniest sliver of time. Tamara and Wali just looked so amazing! And the love and sweetness between them just radiates out.


Tamara was brave enough to wade into the water with me a bit as the streetlights came on for a few final photos in the lake. That water was cold!


Oh, this sweet baby! What an exciting month.


“Love is the water of life. Drink it down with heart and soul.”


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