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Foggy Morning by the Boats with Morgan & Nick


I love when I get to explore new locations that I’ve never ventured to before. Especially when that location holds special meaning to the family I get to meet there! Morgan, Nick and their sweet little ones showed me a beautiful spot overlooking the lake and a ton of sailboats. We were lucky enough on this foggy, Saturday morning to spot a giant, rainbow, inflatable unicorn docked along the shore as well!


The kids were happy to be silly with their parents, look for nature, and play in the flowers. It was sweet little Corben’s first birthday just days before our session! And Kaitlyn is just an amazing big sister. She was so kind with her brother.



Finally, we made our way down to the beach to kick off some shoes and wiggle toes in the sand and water. The waves were fascinating and it was so much fun to watch the boats and the giant unicorn from a closer vantage point. The thing I love about foggy mornings is the gorgeous color tones as well as the clear horizon to see the boats.


What a fun, sweet morning with these four! Thank you for showing me such a gem of a beach, I ended up coming back later that day to go kayaking with my own littlest one. Her only goal on that trip was to kayak as close as possible to the unicorn.

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