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Happy Bambino Summer Brand Photos – Madison WI


What an incredible turnout for this amazing brand shoot! This summer, I worked with Happy Bambino to do an outdoor session for some updated photos for their website. We did a gorgeous indoor winter session, too. First of all, the response to our model call was tremendous! We received so many responses, it really speaks to the impact Happy Bambino has on so many families in our community. It was my first resource as a first time mama.


A big thank you to every family who reached out for the session, every family who had tried to come but had sick kiddos, every family who was so kind about rescheduling due to tremendous flooding, and all the kiddos who did spectacularly. I mean, Sarah and I were floored. So many toddlers and babies and fancy parents! And the evening could not have gone easier or smoother.


I really could not even stand the cuteness of all of the kiddos!


Even in the in between moments, there was just incredible sweetness happening.


And snuggly babies.


We managed to get a family photo for everyone there as a thank you for dressing up, snacking kids in the chilly, post flooding wind!



Thank you so very much to everyone involved!

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