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Fall Family Travels through the Midwest

Every fall, we travel up to Duluth for a rollerblade marathon. My husband, his brother, sister-in-law, niece, (next year our nephew will be old enough!) dad, and uncle compete! John’s aunt is always kind enough to host our entire crew once we arrive in the city. Because it is a long car ride, we break up the drive there over a few days and make it a mini family vacation. We stay at a waterpark the first night in the Dells to make it extra enticing or the kids. This year, we stayed at a gorgeous bed and breakfast in Chetek, Wisconsin for the second night.


After grabbing food at one of the only little veggie friendly restaurants we could find on google maps in Chippewa Falls (Bomb Tacos was super yummy and so sweet to our kids)! We turned onto this little gravel road out to our bed and breakfast. It was so funny when the directions were “next left” and that was 2 or 3 miles ahead. Sally hosted us in this sweet farmhouse renovated into a bed and breakfast. Once we said hi and got the tour, she headed back to her home for the night and we had the farmhouse to ourselves as the only guests mid-week.


We hiked walking paths, the kids climbed boulders, picked flowers, and threw sticks in the stream. All the things that make them so happy.


The next morning, at Sally’s suggestion, we went to Wisconsin Point in Superior, Wisconsin. We hopped boulders to get out to the lighthouse, and found little treasures among the rocks.


The kids played in the sand and collected driftwood.


By the afternoon, we made it to Aunt Mary’s. In time to settle in, connect with Grandpa and our aunts and uncle and cousin and prepare for the big race.


The racers who were there this year did beautifully. And we thought lots about our traveling racers! The kids were a little sad to see the end of the week.

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