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In-home Session with Jennifer & Roberto


Photos are such a sweet way of capturing growth, change, and history. For these Jennifer, Roberto and their sweet boys, our session was this beautiful mix of remembering and honoring family legacy as well as looking forward to their new home.


We took pictures in front of important places in their home that were meaningful to Jen’s mom and photographed the boys enjoying snack at a dining room table that belonged to Roberto’s grandparents.


It’s always such a joy to see these four! It truly is one of my favorite things to see how much families have grown from year to year. Jen and Roberto do such incredible things in the world, I could spend an entire day just listening.



I love when I’m editing a session of friends and my kids peek over my shoulder and say hey, wait a minute, we know those people! Can we come play too? What fun to see you folks!

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