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Gorgeous Winter Family Photos at the Union with Sara & Kelly


This is another sweet family that I’ve been so lucky to watch grow. I taught both of these adorable kiddos when they were in preschool and now they are these big, amazing, accomplished Irish dancers and all-around cool humans.


We met at the Memorial Union on a very chilly morning. The wind was definitely a bit cold! So we all opted for staying bundled for a while.


Luckily, the Union has a gorgeous, brightly lit spot indoors, with a warm fireplace. We were able to take our coats and boots off and take a few photos snuggled up in the warmth! I think the thing I just adore about these five, is what a great sense of humor Sara and Kelly have! Kelly is performing in the Verona Area Community Theater as Santa, so we grabbed a few musical themed photos.



Zoe and Xander were just about to head off to a huge Irish dancing competition in the days after our session. We headed back out into the cold, and they showed be some of their amazing dance skills!


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