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What Is a Storytelling Session?

Family storytelling session collage

I love family sessions so much! It’s such a joy to get to know new families or to watch families grow over the years. You may be wondering, why use the term family storytelling session or lifestyle session? The idea is to capture your family in its everyday beauty, right now. In the simple, connected moments that make life so amazing in this stage.

First, and most important, is tailoring your storytelling session to you! When you book, you’ll receive a questionnaire that helps me get to know you a little more. This helps me know what your family likes or how things have changed over the year. I LOVE reading your answers. Where we go and how we adventure depends a lot on your family. We can start at home (more about that in another post) and adventure there or start at a beautiful park. Are your children wild climbers? Do they love to jump in puddles? Do they prefer quiet? What are their interests? Are there mobility or sensory needs we’ll consider when planning our location?

We’ll talk! Usually after the questionnaire we chat via email, phone or zoom/facetime to figure out the details of your session.

The day of your shoot is our adventure day! I love framing it this way for little ones. Once you get to your session spot, it’s time to play! We’ll always get the posed shot right away while the kids are fresh. My goal during the time we spend together is to play games, blow bubbles, and just generally have so much fun together.

I’ll also ask you to take those sweet in-between moments to snuggle in and hold your littles. When your little one drapes themselves around you in a giant hug, or when you lean into your partner to watch your little ones play. I try to take on the role of observer to capture those genuine moments of affection that happen spontaneously.

Then there are those little details! Tiny toes in the dirt, that big kid tooth gap, the wispy hair, the dance moves, everything. Or the connection moments; the way they curl into your neck, hug your belly, twirl your hair when they get a little tired, I want to capture those details so you always have them.

Sometimes, littles need to take a moment and have a snack. It’s all good, as a mom and a former teacher, I get it. I’m all about following their needs. If snacks need to happen, it’s a perfect opportunity to grab some solo/couple photos of the grownups.

Even if you feel like your kids are absolutely bananas in the moment, I got you! It’s nothing I haven’t seen before and the results will be beautiful.

Every storytelling session unfolds in a unique way. But every session showcases your unique love, exactly as it is in this moment.

Child and dog in the summer sun.

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