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I love the absolute beauty of the everyday moments that arise during in-home family film sessions so much! These lovely day to day moments that make up our weekends together are just pure delight. From having lunch together, to the sounds that baby makes right now, to they way families cuddle up and read on […]

Baby in sweater and sunglasses outside in the sunshine

Oh my word, these four sweet humans! It’s always such a joy to see and connect with Althea, Daniel and their kiddos. I’m so grateful for their willingness to meet me in a sudden, windy, winter snowstorm and play! The joy of throwing snowballs and dancing together in the snowflakes was just so sweet! It […]

We’ve been spending a lot of time over this pandemic on family adventures outside. I think we’ve been to more county and state parks over this last year than we’ve ever been. It’s been really fun to explore some of the tinier nooks and crannies of the state. My kids, and my husband are adventurous […]

I’ve been taking some time this fall/winter to learn how to do video (beyond taking family videos of my barefoot little humans) and I can’t wait to share! I’m super grateful for good friends who have been willing to play in this new medium with me! This just feels like such a beautiful expansion to […]

Family with two children snuggled together on stone steps

This spring, I took a family films class. I’m continuing to learn and tweak and figure out this new art and it’s so much fun! I’m so enjoying capturing their tiny voices, the way they dance, and the rhythms of our daily life. There’s so much everyday in here and then there’s some triumph, like […]

Oh, this darling little one! What a joy to see her grow! Alicia, Kyler and their adorable babe and I continued on our tradition of adventure photography for this session. We started this tradition with hiking through Indian Lake state park on a blustery fall day for maternity photos! This time around we did a […]

What a beautiful, thunder-stormy spring day we had for our newborn session! Oh my word, these twin babies are so adorable. Add their big brother to the mix, and these three are just irresistible! Big brother took me on the sweetest tour of his new reading space in his room and his love of Spiderman. […]

There’s something so joyous about family photos with adorable kiddos and their very sweet puppy, Wilde. I just adore Ali, Sandy and their family, and so it was a treat to explore budding spring flowers with them on this sunny day! The kiddos offered Wilde plenty of treats and were so kind and empathetic with […]

Oh, three-year-olds are just pure magic! I love their energy, creativity and joy. Between jumping, spinning, lifting and a few quiet moments, this was a jam-packed preschool morning with this sweet girl and her family. I just adore getting these sneak peeks into family life! Thank you for such a fun morning in the sunshine!

Over the past month, I’ve been taking a video course called Everyday Films with Emily Mitchell. It’s been tons of fun to learn how to use my camera in this entirely different way. The finished product, my final assignment, feels really rough still and I still have so much to learn and practice. But, I […]

Water pouring from child's play kitchen into bucket