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Family Video – Kira & Arjune

I’ve been taking some time this fall/winter to learn how to do video (beyond taking family videos of my barefoot little humans) and I can’t wait to share! I’m super grateful for good friends who have been willing to play in this new medium with me! This just feels like such a beautiful expansion to capturing moments of human connection.

The thing I love about photography is capturing those beautiful moments of connection, the sweetness, the fleeting feelings of the moment. What I’m loving about family video is the quality of capturing all of those sweet movements that I revel in. Like the twirl of a dress or the comforting movement of a parent’s hand in a child’s hair, along with those tiny voices! I’m also learning funny things about myself during video, I need to stop moving! To be quiet and just observe the moment unfolding before me. It’s humbling and beautiful and I LOVE it so much! I’m so eager to do more.

This fall, Kira & Arjune met me at Indian Lake for a combination family video/photo session. Their kiddos are always amazing. Here are a few photos and our video. Complete with some delicious donuts to finish off our evening.

Things I love about family video so far: adventuring a little, exploring and following the kids, getting those cuddly moments. I love hearing the way the kids say certain things, it’s just so cute! The hardest part for me? Finding the perfect song! Keep your eyes our for more video coming soon!

Also! Kira is an amazing business owner. Her Zdough is a constant in our schooling at home adventures. Check her work out at: Zdough

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Family with two children snuggled together on stone steps

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