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I love family photo sessions so much! It’s such a joy to get to know new families or to watch families grow over the years. You may be wondering, why use the terms storytelling or lifestyle? The idea is to capture your family in its everyday beauty, right now. In the simple, connected moments that make life so amazing in this stage.

Child and dog in the summer sun.

This spring, I took a family films class. I’m continuing to learn and tweak and figure out this new art and it’s so much fun! I’m so enjoying capturing their tiny voices, the way they dance, and the rhythms of our daily life. There’s so much everyday in here and then there’s some triumph, like […]

Over the past month, I’ve been taking a video course called Everyday Films with Emily Mitchell. It’s been tons of fun to learn how to use my camera in this entirely different way. The finished product, my final assignment, feels really rough still and I still have so much to learn and practice. But, I […]

Water pouring from child's play kitchen into bucket

Every fall, we travel up to Duluth for a rollerblade marathon. My husband, his brother, sister-in-law, niece, (next year our nephew will be old enough!) dad, and uncle compete! John’s aunt is always kind enough to host our entire crew once we arrive in the city. Because it is a long car ride, we break […]

Oh Summer! Full of flowers and time spent traveling and time with family. I had this pretty flower crown from an anniversary shoot I did for me with another photographer (made by Naly’s Floral Shop on the northside). I stuck it in the fridge overnight and let the kids go to town with it the […]

Happy mother’s day to all the mamas! As we settle into the busy season of spring and the end of the school year, I want to take a moment to touch on body positivity and vulnerability. We live in a culture that tells us, especially women, that our bodies are less then. Until they look […]

My photography page has been a bit quiet this month as my family and I have been traveling. I have always loved travel. Long before kiddos, my partner and I travelled together. Our honeymoon involved quite a bit of couch surfing and sleeping on the floor of a cave with some other (very awesome!) travelers. […]

From Antigua, we traveled to Lago de Atitlan via shuttle. We landed first in Panajachal and since we arrived quite late in the afternoon, stayed the night in a cute bed and breakfast. Jenna River’s Bed and Breakfast is like a tiny slice of heaven on earth. She has these luxury yurts (we had a […]

It’s been a while since I’ve introduced myself and the start of the year seems like the perfect time to do that! I’m a photographer, a mama to a 4 and 7 year old, a swing dancer, a former Montessori teacher, and I have a wonderful partner. Intersectional feminism plays a strong role in my […]