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This is another sweet family that I’ve been so lucky to watch grow. I taught both of these adorable kiddos when they were in preschool and now they are these big, amazing, accomplished Irish dancers and all-around cool humans. We met at the Memorial Union on a very chilly morning. The wind was definitely a […]

What a stunningly beautiful day! I recently had the pleasure of capturing some family portraits for my sweet friend, Niki and Chivas, before their Wisconsin wedding reception. They married this summer, near their home in Indiana. But, because they have family both there and here, they celebrated with love and family in both places! A […]

These sweet kiddos have had such a warm, family filled spring! This time with a visit from their grandparents on their mama’s side. I got to photograph Kira, JoAnn, Dave and her sweet littles in the magnolias when they were at their beautiful peak bloom. We had a tea party with Mimi and Papa and […]

Generational photos are such a window into families, especially families you’ve grown to know and love well. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the Rama family, first through our children’s friendship at Woodland Montessori school, and now through our own friendship. I’ve had the absolute honor of photographing Kira’s business, their family as […]